Meerclaw becomes a Captain

 Heavy fighting continues across our former territories as we fence mightily with the Coalition forces. Our homeworld itself seems to be safe, and the damage previously wrought to our infrastructure by the invaders has mostly been repaired; it is rumored that we have even been able to re-establish some defensive installations on the planets nearest Kzintai. I fight in several more engagements before being promoted to Captain of the CVL Light Carrier Tempest. Our previous captain is promoted to command of the CVS Strike Carrier Sabre, which has been crippled in one of the many combats that have been taking place. As usual, our forces allied with the County are facing the Lyrans, and it shows in the list of crippled heavy ships. Unfortunately, the Count's heir C'Rorish is killed in action as the Sabre is crippled, so a replacement captain is needed. The toll among our crews and noble officers continues to be high; although we would not say that the situation has stabilized, we are at least holding our own. Some of the pressure has been taken from us by the Federation 4th Fleet, which is operating at the border junction between ourselves, the Federation and the Klingons - the flatheads have been pushing into Klingon territory, attacking their border Battle Stations. At lead one has been destroyed, and this news is helping maintain morale.


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