The Death of the Count

 Count R'rorash is dead. A Lyran counterattack has crippled the Dreadnought Hegemony, killing our heroic leader in the process. The Baron takes over command of our forces against the Lyran enemy. Nobody doubts his bravery, but we are all aware that he is not of the same calibre as the giant who has lead us for ten years now.

My command, the Light Carrier Tempest, is also destroyed in the fighting. A powerful Lyran command group hits us with ESG rams. Anticipating their move though, I manage to save most of my crew by initiating emergency evacuation procedures. Ships can (slowly) be replaced, but veteran officers cannot. We regroup and I find myself promoted to command of the Strike Carrier Sabre by the Baron; he says he remembers my valuable contribution to intelligence about the new Lyran gunboat ships. This means I now command the largest carrier that originally belonged to the County; indeed, I fought my first few engagements as a fighter pilot in the same battles as this ship. It is strange to find myself now in command of the same vessel ten years later. I now hold the rank of Commodore. 

Count R'rorash is remembered with honor as we force the invaders back yet again.


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